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KFoster Careristi Laguzza-Boosman is a policy researcher and public communications consultant. She’s the former Community Outreach Coordinator for PBS station KCTS in Seattle where she worked with documentary producers and non-profits creating local and national public awareness and community outreach campaigns. Past projects include such diverse and complex issues as foster care, the environment, addiction and recovery, transportation, death and dying, Native American treaty rights, and world hunger.

Ms. Laguzza-Boosman recently earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Walden University where she focused on the economic and social health of the nation. She presented her first major research on Monitoring Social Vs Economic Indicators at the WHAT'S THE ECONOMY FOR, ANYWAY? Conference held in Washington, DC in October of 2007.  Later, she expanded her knowledge of the nation’s social and economic well-being to include the interplay of these systems within the environment in Open Systems Theory and the U.S. Economy: How We’re Failing to Close the Loop.
During the 2008 economic collapse, she researched and wrote an economic policy proposal intended to stabilize the economy and create broad-based recovery entitled, “PLAN B” – Recalibrating an Economy in Decline: Building an Economy in Balance.  In it she explains the systemic imbalances in our economy that led to the economic crisis and how to recalibrate these areas in order to achieve economic equilibrium. She also provided the groundwork necessary to deal with future problems of diminishing oil reserves and climate change.  Next she under took a literary review to answer the question, What are Viable Alternatives to Free-market Capitalism if Our Current System Fails? where she describes the possibility of failure in both our economic and environmental systems, and what models might be available to replace them.  Currently she is working on a book entitled, PUSH BACK: How We the People Can Beat Wall Street and Create the Economy We Need (w.t.).  She provided an overview of her book in a speech delivered at A New Way Forward teach-in in Bellingham WA on 5.11.10.

Ms. Laguzza-Boosman’s work and research have allowed her to develop the academic underpinnings to more fully understand the economic, social, and environmental conditions challenging the nation.  Though not an economist, her background has provided a broad prism from which to understand our nation’s problems using multiple disciplines including: economics, sociology, political science, public policy, public administration, public health, environmental science, and ethics.  As such, her research is not limited to economic prescriptions for how free markets work, but instead relies on a broad-based understanding of how a healthy, balanced economy, society, and environment actually function. 

See: Outreach Bio & Services and Non Profit Organizations for a list of services and examples of her work.
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