Graduate Research

Monitoring Social vs. Economic Indicators – November 2006

Overcoming Barriers to the Key National Indicators Initiative (renamed The State of the USA) – February 2007

Trail Fee Passes on National Forests: The Ethical Debate - November 2007

            Letter to the Court - June 2009

            Letter to Senator Cantwell – July 2009

            Letter to Congresswoman McMorris Rogers – July 2009

                      USFS Appropriations, 1999 - 2009

                      National Forest Visitation Change, 2001 - 2008

           Defense Documents in “Trail Trial” - Case dismissed 10.23.09

          “Judge Dismisses Trail Fee Case” - Methow Valley News, 10.28.09

Does Privatization at the Federal Level Serve the Public Good? – February 2008

Open Systems Theory and the U.S. Economy: How We’re Failing to Close the Loop - May 2008

Impacts of Aging Baby Boomers on the Civil Service Workforce – November 2008

“PLAN B’ – Recalibrating an Economy in Decline: Building an Economy in Balance – February 2009

What are Viable Alternatives to Free-market Capitalism if Our Current System Fails? – February 2010  

Break Up the Banks Speech, Excerpted from PUSH BACK: How We the People Can Beat Wall Street and Create the Economy We Need (w.t.) – Bellingham, WA, May 11, 2010  

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