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"I can't thank you enough for the enormous help you have been to me and the foundation. I could not have gotten this far without you. Period…I'm hoping we will have a continuing opportunity to work together."
Danny O'Keefe, Singer/Songwriter and President of the Songbird Foundation

Non profit organizations have a particularly difficult challenge: How to translate the very complex issues they are dealing with, in a way the public can understand? Furthermore, in a sea of competing advertisements, messages, misinformation, consumer/viewer saturation and overload - how do they get their message noticed? And, most importantly, how can they inspire people to both care about and act in a way that will generate positive impact and change?

In order to successfully answer these questions, it is Songbird Habitatimportant to bring people onto your team that have the necessary skills to accomplish your communication goals. This is where KLB Community Consulting can help. Principal Kristi Laguzza-Boosman has the expertise, experience, skills and contacts to take your organization's message out into the community in a way that will inspire action and generate change.

In 2001, for example, Ms. Laguzza Boosman helped create a targeted, mainstream, public awareness media campaign on sustainable coffee issues (organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee) for the non-profit Songbird Foundation. Working closely with its founder and President, singer-songwriter, Danny O'Keefe, this campaign was successfully launched in Seattle on Earth Day of that year.  You can read more about Danny and the Songbird campaign at

Consider hiring KLB Community Consulting to develop a fundraising and communications strategy to take your non profit organization to the next level.

Non-Profit Services Available:

  • Develop non profit communications strategy
  • Create primary messages
  • Work with non profit boards to create consensus
  • Develop list of potential partnering organizations for greater impact purposes
  • Research primary issues for key support arguments
  • Develop master grant proposal for fundraising purposes
  • Research potential funding organizations
  • Create and implement primary communication elements
  • Develop communication tools for use at community events, public presentation and fundraising efforts
  • Develop campaign evaluation components
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